Primary Activities of Source

The primary activities of the cooperative shall be 

  • Trade in food and other items in the Cooperative shop
  • Promote the objectives of the Cooperative as set out in section 6 of the rules

Objectives of the Source

1.    To provide, the community with a retail outlet for healthy and ethical vegan gluten free lunches, treats and drinks

2.    To provide information on and promote the use of

§  ethically produced goods, at low cost

§  organic food

§  local produce

§  minimally packaged goods

§  Non genetically modified foods



3.    To minimise resource wastage and encourage reuse and recycling

4.    To run an ethical and not-for profit business

5.    To encourage participation in the running of the co-op and the centre, including the gardens.

6.    To facilitate community development through education, workshops and practical experience in the running of the co-op and gardens

7.    To create links within the community to promote environmental responsibility and sustainable living

8.    Organise fund raising activities and submit grant applications to achieve the promotion of these objects

Model Rules

For the full version of Source’s Model Rules, click on this link below:

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